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Sheza AshrafAugust 28, 2017

Mahira Khan’s Adorable Selfies with Her Son Azzu will Make You Go ‘Aww’

If there is one name that pops in our minds after combing the following words: rising, whitish, gorgeous – it ...

Sarah Pearl BurhanAugust 25, 2017

Watta Satta Marriage – Here’s Everything You Should Know

In case you’re living underneath a rock and you have no idea what watta satta marriages are or what they ...

Sarah Pearl BurhanAugust 25, 2017

Be Amazed! Here’s How Ice Can Help Reduce Your Fat

We all have some amount of stubborn fat in our body that needs to get out asap but for no ...

Sarah Pearl BurhanAugust 17, 2017

Here’s Why Famous Singer Humaira Arshad’s Husband Has Been Arrested

It’s natural to have one or two arguments with your spouse. Some psychologist’s even go as far as to say ...

Sheza AshrafAugust 11, 2017

Normalizing Pedophilia with ‘Victoria’s Secret’ Featuring 5-Year-Old Girls

The days of innocence are long gone when children having missing teeth were considered adorable. But now, the era of ...

AribaAugust 10, 2017

5 Wives Ranked the Worst According to Zodiac Signs

Do you believe in zodiacs? You must have read your daily horoscope at least once at a certain point in ...

Sarah Pearl BurhanAugust 8, 2017

Are You a Lazy Bum? Do this If You Don’t Have Time to Get Ready In the Morning!

You just had a spanking good Sunday night and you hit the sack real late. But you don’t want to ...

Sarah Pearl BurhanAugust 7, 2017

Women are Shaving Their Face and You won’t Believe the Results!

Disclaimer: This article isn’t for everyone. This is me sharing my views on a topic I whole heartedly believe in. ...

AribaJuly 25, 2017

Meera Jee Lends Free Fashion Advice to Priyanka Chopra and Here’s How People Reacted to It

Making Twitter a whole lot interesting, Meera is currently on a trolling spree! After her wicked tweet to Maryam Nawaz, ...

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