Hania Aamir Opens Up About Relationships and Dealing with Trolls

Hania Aamir Opens Up About Relationships and Dealing with Trolls


Hania Aamir, the talented Pakistani actor known for her roles in hit dramas and films, recently shared insights into her past relationship, lessons learned from mistakes, and how she deals with trolls during an appearance on Ahmed Ali Butt’s podcast.

Reflecting on her relationship, Hania expressed appreciation for the positive aspects and asserted that she has no regrets. She embraced both the joys and challenges, emphasizing that some aspects were inevitable. Hania emphasized staying true to herself and acting in alignment with her own thoughts and intellect.

Discussing the lessons learned, she highlighted the importance of discerning what to reveal and what to keep private. Hania acknowledged the delicate nature of romantic relationships and the need to protect them. She recognized the audience’s emotional investment and emphasized the impact of relationship dynamics on fans.

Addressing trolls, Hania shared her approach of avoiding negative comments on her profile. She mentioned paying attention only if feedback comes from friends and family, indicating that negative comments have become a rare occurrence for her or perhaps go unnoticed.

Watch the video for more insights into Hania Aamir’s thoughts on relationships, learning from experiences, and dealing with comments on social media.

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