Here's Why You Should NOT Date These Zodiac Signs To Avoid Disasters!


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Here’s Why You Should NOT Date These Zodiac Signs To Avoid Disasters!


All the time we have heard our “bari borhiyan” saying that joray toh asmaan pe banty hain but ever heard that some of joray are actually made in hell? This is a very simple explanation for the people who ask if all the matches are made in heaven then what about those relationships who don’t work?! Yeah, that’s the ones which are made in hell. LOL!

We always made a set standard for the partner; where we are compatible and comfortable with them. But there is something else that has A LOT to do in a good matchmaking. Your zodiac!

If you are getting into a relationship, you might want to check that person’s zodiac sign. Only if you believe in that sort of a thing! 😀

1.Aquarius: Pisces

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Aquarius is independent and unique, so Pisces is sometimes wayyy too demanding for them. Aquarius like to live an independent and emotionless lifestyle, but Pisces need attention and care affection and… urgh! Forget it!

2.Libra: Scorpio

Libras are peace lovers, maybe call it a parrot nature, but scorpions are determined and strong. So when libras need passion, scorpions would be having an on going war. Umm… no!

3.Virgo: Sagittarius

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The very perfectionist Virgos are sometimes pretty straightforward. While Sagittarius like to chase! The carefree nature of Sagittarius might not align with Virgo.

4.Leo: Librazodiac 4

Leos are fun to be with, in a relationship. They are flirty and romantic. While Libras are passionate and emotional, this combination makes them jealous. So, a BIG NO!

5. Gemini: Capricorn

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If you see two people crying together, they must a pair of Gemini and Capricorn. Though Capricorn is good but Gemini are spontaneous and like to act according to the situation. So this match is not very exciting!

6. Taurus: Aquarius


Aquarius are robotic and their sense of logic will go airport over you. Matlab sar k uper guzar jaeg! And Tauras is THE MOST reliable and fun people. Things maybe are good “under the sheets” but the in the world outside that would be pretty pathetic.

7. Aries: Cancer

The most adventurous and impatient sign of all is Aries. The leader of all signs is famous to make impromptu decisions and Cancer are known to be very emotional beings. They both together are a recipe of disaster.

8.Pisces: Gemini

Pisces the most dreamy and childish of all! But Geminis need independence and freedom. This match is sure to feel caged when together. Free advice: maintain a good distance!

Don’t want to get your heart broken? In baton pe amal karein! Shukria 😀

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