Humaima Malick Received Horrendous Comments after her Recent Photoshoot and it is Not Cool!


Let’s face this, judging actresses in our industry has gone way beyond the limits. Humaima Malick, when entered the entertainment industry, was stealing hearts with her acting and charm. Her recent movie Arth is no less than a powerhouse of acting. She has worked in India and was loved for her work there too.

Recently, this charming actress had a beautiful photoshoot which we absolutely loved. There’s nothing that you can’t like about it, from her flawless makeup to the color of her dress. But as previously mentioned, actresses get criticised more than anything. The epitome body type which people have created that every actress should fit in is unhealthy and unfair.

Here is the glamorous photo she was criticized for…


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Yes, stronger, better and wiser

In 2018 more Stronger better and wiser ?

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Her new goals with this new photoshoot are making us go “wow”!

But as always, even if you are the juiciest and ripest peach in the world, there is always going to be someone who hates you. Same happened to Humaima here.

And it began…






Apko usse matlab?


It’s about time we use the power of social media to support our favorite celebrities from facing such criticism, especially since they are working so hard towards their career. The least we can do is stop posting mindless comments and encourage them. However, much of her hard work towards her career, the actress has been receiving a lot of body-shaming comments ever since she gained a little weight. She had initially gained weight for her role in Maula Jutt.

People leave no space for a human to breath on their own will. They judge without knowing the real reason and will bash others for entertainment. Her motive to be strong and wiser tells a lot about how she is tough and unbeatable. More power to her and loads of love. Looking forward to her new projects.

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