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Iqra Aziz’s Sister-In-Law Forcing Her To Dance On Mehendi Made Her Uneasy!


Band, Baja, and Baraat are finally here for the bride-to-be Iqra Aziz and groom-to-be Yasir Hussain. The festivities have begun and this couple has gone all out sharing pictures, welcoming everyone along this journey to their big day; from Mayun, Iqra’s bridal-henna session to their Mehendi. All these festivities so far have been nothing but sweeter than honey.

Here are Iqra Aziz and beau Yasir Hussain ubtan-fied.

Iqra Aziz Mayun
Via Twiter

Right off the bat, these laid back cuties personified the element of ‘fun’ during the entire process involving functions leading to the main event. They even translated their joyful energies onto their wedding cards.

Often times both the bride and groom are too consumed in looking a certain way for the pictures. Although looking prim and proper is understandable, but having fun and staying worry-less should be the top priority.

Iqra-Yasir Mehendi Bash!

Coming back to these love-birds, their Mehendi function was nothing short of a party where again, both Yasir and Iqra had a blast. Simply adorable! They have surely set the bar for how the bride and groom should have fun. The candid pictures from these events become a treasured memory, where smiles aren’t forced and no awkward moments are created.

However, the Mehendi function did attract trolls on Twitter; which is quite expected, considering this couple has been getting flak since the day they made it official to the world. Yasir and Iqra could easily be the most hated Pakistani showbiz couple. Of course, where there is hate, there is love? At least for these lovelies.

Bride-Woes: The ‘Zabardasti’.

Iqra much like many brides who are horrified at the thought of publicly forcing them to dance. For Iqra it was her sister-in-law that charged towards her head-on in bhangra and asked Iqra to join. Poor girl did a thing or two and had to decline.

Here’s the video. 

The debate – Cheap or pure bliss?

Live to the fullest, much like Yasir and Iqra – says a user. 

The celebrity couple comparison. To each their own? No harm in having a blast at your own wedding. 

Trolls trolling away. 

Yasir and Iqra’s mehendi was a star-studded affair, with couples like Muneeb & Aiman, Sajjal & Ahad, and more attended. 

Not for long. It’s a small affair! 

Well said. There is nothing to gain from bashing someone’s personal life choices and decisions. If you cannot be happy, it is best to stay quiet!

Haters aside, nothing can get to the eternal happiness that they feel within for each other. It shows in their eyes and the way they chose to celebrate their wedding festivities. It is truly beautiful! From the rumors of their wedding in December to it finally happening, we wish them the best of luck.

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