Lebanese ‘Iqra Aziz’ Sends Special Message For Pakistanis


Nour, the Lebanese architect who has a striking resemblance with the Pakistani actor Iqra Aziz, has sent a special message to Pakistanis.

Pakistanis have been praising her for having similar good looks with the Pakistani star. She became a social media sensation soon after the recent discovery. Nour has also got a lot more followers on Twitter after being compared to ‘Suno Chanda’ actor.

She has now sent a special message to Pakistanis who have showered immense love on her. Through an online entertainment tabloid, Nour said, “I’m Nour, Iqra Aziz’s doppelganger, I want to send lots of love to Pakistan,” she said.

When Nour, recorded a video singing in the car, she had no idea it would lead her straight to a debate on social media. She also got surprised when a fan informed her about the resemblance. She said, “I googled her and wow, she’s gorgeous. Thank you so much for the comparison, you’re too sweet”.

“My fiance was almost convinced that I’m leading a secret double life after he saw Iqra’s photos, he’s still in shock,” she added.


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