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Mahira Khan Shuts Down A Disrespectful Troll With A Classy Response!


Social media is a physical manifestation of ‘words are mightier than a sword’, but the trolls have misinterpreted it all together. Online bullying has become rampant and extremely easy. Among the many that become the victim of cyber harassment, celebrities are the popular targets; especially females. Recently Mahira Khan was disrespected by a troll, who called her demeaning names like ‘kanjari’ and ‘mujra wali‘; further, continued on with a vulgar rant.

Mahira responded with grace coupled with savagery; a lethal weapon.

Mahira tweeted something of deeper meaning but vague as to what she was commenting on. Since Musharraf’s verdict is the topic of debate on Twitter these days and assuming many celebrities came forward with their stance; Mahira’s tweet was assumed to be in that regard.

Mahira tweeted: 

One of the Twiter users slut-shamed her in response to this, implying she was assisted by high ranking army officials to reach where she is now.

Here’s the obnoxious tweet: 

“Aap jaisi kanjrion ko dramon may high rank fauji officers dilwatay han… isi lianamak halali karti ho warna aap jaisi 2 takay ki mjura karnay walon ki kia haisat hay.. Muashiray may”

Mahira’s clap back. 

“Your mentality shows in your words. My earning is halal, otherwise, I would’ve taken the responsibility of your education from a good school. As for me being worthless, women like me do not place a price on ourselves, nor on other humans”

She addressed every insult in a manner that was graceful and of integrity; some of the qualities Mahira is known for. Moreover, Mahira Khan is one of the internationally recognized Pakistani celebrities who has earned her way to the top with hard work, consistency and with an impeccable set of skillset.

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Mahira Khan is more than just an actress; she is also the first female celebrity who has many firsts to her name. She is the first Pakistani celebrity to have hit 5 Million followers on Instagram, the first to have been invited to the Paris Fashion Week and so many more. Mahira is a respected individual within her fraternity, as everyone understands her struggle, hard-work, and experience.

Celebrities came in Mahira’s support and set the record straight.

Shaan has spoken. The revered actor didn’t hold back and said, Zubaan or alfaaz dono sai ap ka mayaar nazar ata hai.. bohat sharm a rahee hai apko Pakistani kehtay huway .. Mahira Khan is a Pakistani she has earned respect through her work .. learn to live with that #pakistanalwaysfirst

One queen to another. Hajra Khan is in awe of Mahira, after the epic response.

Humaima Malick comes to the battleground with her guns ready. “Bibi Jee hum sub tu apnay jawab dey gay tum Kia moo lay k khuda k pass jaogi”

Mahira Khan has achieved many milestones in her life, but one of the priceless things she has earned is the respect of millions of people, including of some of the biggest stars of Pakistan. She is truly phenomenal and we wish her the best of luck!

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