Mannat Murad's Wedding Raises Controversy for Alleged Copy of Saboor Aly's Wedding

Mannat Murad’s Wedding Raises Controversy for Alleged Copy of Saboor Aly’s Wedding


The recent wedding scene in the popular Pakistani drama “Mannat Murad” has sparked controversy as it shares a noticeable resemblance to the real-life wedding of actress Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari. The drama, starring Iqra Aziz and Talha Chahour, has faced criticism for replicating Saboor Aly’s special day, from the dress to the venue.

In the episode aired on November 14, 2023, Mannat and Murad’s wedding had surprising similarities to Saboor Aly’s ceremony. Iqra Aziz, portraying Mannat, wore the same Faiza Saqlain outfit that Saboor Aly wore for her Nikkah, while Talha’s sherwani drew inspiration. The wedding venue seemed heavily influenced by Saboor’s Nikkah venue and decorations, and even the wedding shoot had a similar vibe.

Saboor Aly expressed her frustration, stating on her Instagram Story, “My moment, my memories, my sentiments, my vision, and my look for the most special day of my life. My heart was put into every little detail of my entire look. However, there’s a difference between being inspired and copying. Special day copied blatantly.”

Source: Saboor Aly’s Instagram

Netizens are divided over Saboor Aly’s reaction, with some supporting her perspective and others downplaying the incident. The controversy raises questions about the boundaries between artistic inspiration and the replication of deeply personal moments. Stay tuned for further updates on this on-aired drama.

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