3 Meditation Tips that can Help you Relax and Get Better Sleep after a Tiring Day!


We often find it difficult to sleep at night after an extremely tiring day. Aside from that, our busy routines sometimes consume so much of our mental capacity, we are unable to think things through. Mental peace goes above everything else, yet we neglect it the most.

In the hassle and bustle of our consumed lives, we forget how much attention our mental wellbeing needs. One of the ways to earn that is by mediation. Devoting a few minutes before going to sleep eases your mind and gives you the sleep you may haven’t witnessed in quite some time.

To do these tips, remember to settle down in a quiet place where you can focus on yourself and there are no external disturbances.

1. Square Breathing

This is the initial step of yoga, which is known as life force, deals with breathing – inhale and exhale, using the nostrils only. With your eyes closed, inhale air through your nose while counting till four in your head. Hold your breath while counting till four and exhale while counting till four. Follow this method for three to four minutes. Key to this (and to all the mediation activities) is to have a clear head, without any external disturbance.

2. Nostril Breathing (Alternate)

Another form of breathing which allows you to practice square breathing for a longer period of time. Here’s what you have to do: by using the ring finger of your right hand, close your left nostril. Through your right nostril, breathe into the count of four. While you hold your breath for two counts, close your right nostril using your thumb. Remove the finger on your left nostril to exhale to the count of four. Repeat for three to four minutes. Same activity goes for the left nostril.

3. Mantra

Wonder why people say, “always tell your positive things”? Same applies when Buddha said,  “Better than a thousand hollow words, is the word that brings peace.” Reminding yourself of all the great qualities you have and thanking the God before going to sleep freshens your mind.

If you keep repeating, “I am blessed to have…” and continue repeating it, you are tricking your mind and going to bed with positive vibes. One can do this with visualization as well – picturing the one thing or person who brings peace to your mind before going to sleep. It can be anything – your favorite holiday spot, your favorite person and such elements.

Try these tips tonight if you want to ease yourself before going to sleep or to ease your day. You will definitely feel the difference.

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