Model Eman Suleman has a Befitting Reply to the Guy who called her a 'Prostitute'


Model Eman Suleman has a Befitting Reply to the Guy who called her a ‘Prostitute’


The entertainment industry in Pakistan is shining with many stars. The way the industry has upped its game over a period of few years is truly fascinating. However, when we go into the details, many find this business unsuitable and inappropriate for the women out there. Why?

Let’s take modeling for an example. The female models are brutally bashed and badly talked about just because modeling goes against the religious teachings and something that is just not acceptable in our society (that’s something your paros wali aunty would say “haw” and “haye” to. Isn’t it?) Just a few months ago, remember model Saheefa Jabba Khattak who was bashed just because of her short hair? That was terrible!

This time, the victim was a Pakistani model, Eman Suleman. Eman was called a ‘prostitute’ by a guy just because she’s a fashion model. Eman couldn’t let this slide off easily. She not only educated the guy about her job role but she even shared her thoughts on the girls who are actually in the prostitution business.

Here’s what Eman had to say:

2 lakh 50 thousand? Sorry, will have to pass. 5 lakh 50 thousand? Nope. 10 lakhs? 
Bhai Sahib, you’re not listening to me. I am a model, not a prostitute. You’re confusing the two professions. My job merely entails selling lawn to rich aunties. Not catering to the sexual needs of frustrated rich old men. My night rates are naught and they will forever remain naught because the job you’re contacting me for is not my job at all. And for those of you who refer to me as a whore to incite me, know that I am unperturbed by it. 
It takes courage to be one, and I have none. Don’t insult them. 

And…this couldn’t go unnoticed…

Reading this model's comment "owning" a man for considering her a prostitute just made my day. Badasssss.

Posted by Humay Waseem on Monday, December 4, 2017

Whatever the case is, we truly appreciate these models speaking up for themselves. Our society is full of wrong beliefs and perceptions that need to be cleared in the most knowledgeable way. To those who have a narrow-mind and don’t understand the real issue, it’s high time you educate yourselves before putting a label on others. It only shows how much knowledge you lack.


These celebrities are now mastering the art of replying to the trolls in the most professional way and also in a way to spread awareness. Eman Suleman couldn’t have explained this to him in any other way. Much respect!


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