Pictures Of Neha Rajpoot's 19th Birthday Bash Are Making People Say Haw Haye!


Pictures Of Neha Rajpoot’s Birthday Bash Are Making People Say Haw Haye!


Pakistan is full of talent, we hear that all the time but what we can also see is Pakistan is full of beauty too! If you have missed that point then, you must haven’t visited Hunza and Gilgit and Fairy Meadows! The scenes there are sheer beauty, the mountains covered with snow and narrow roads; the roads covered by the shadow of the trees on both sides of the road!

But the beauty is not limited to just the majestic places, but people too! Pyar, khoobsurat, mehmaan-nawaz Pakistani.

So, the beautiful people of Pakistan are only shown to the world through the medium of our showbiz industry. We have some very talented individuals, who have left their mark in the international market too. Be it Mahira Khan making her debut film in Bollywood with Shahrukh Khan or Fawad Khan being a personal favorite of Karan Johan. Haha 😀 Well, our mainstream actress Saba Qamar too has worked with the amazing Irrfan Khan.

The good part in all this is that Pakistani industry is not hoarded by the centuries-old celebrities who have been ruling the industry for long that people get bored!

New actors and models are evolved in the industry and every now and then we see new faces and it’s just so refreshing.

Talking of all the new faces did you guys see this pretty damsel?!

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Sunday dine out ??

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You must have seen her this saari photo! Didn’t you?

This amazing girl is a model and she is soooo fiiinnneee!

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If you did not know about her, then follow her on her Instagram ASAP!

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Winter Sunday’s call for brunch ?

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Last week it was her birthday! And boy oh boy, was she looking amazing!

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Birthday ready ?

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She wore this beautiful bubblegum pink dress and she is looking like a dream!

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Birthday’19 ?

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People on her Instagram are going all gaga after her pictures

Oh, okay happy birthday but where did you buy the boots from!

She’s like a doll! 

Hayeee! haina??

Appreciating the beauty that she has, she is bestowed with a lot of love by her fans. She is that one girl, who can do both, slay a western dress and look like a queen in a saari!

Neha has appeared in a lot of magazines cover photo and has worked with many brands too. Neha’s growing fan following is evidence that people would soon want to see her in dramas too.

These new faces have brought a bigger cultural difference in the Pakistani showbiz media. A decade or two ago, actresses were all of the same kind, they were not allowed to be themselves, the unabashed and unapologetic kind.

But these girls have become a game changer in bringing a paradigm shift into the mindsets of Pakistani people.

Do you guys have anything to add to the story? Let us know in the comments below.

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