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People Are Dying Of COVID-19 But Nida Yasir Is Missing Designer Clothes


Nida Yasir’s morning show has often made headlines. It is mostly because of the host Nida’s ability to generate content that leaves the audience in certain bewilderment or in laughter.

Once again, Nida in her morning show [Good Morning Pakistan] shared her thoughts on coronavirus lockdown and how she isn’t able to wear designer clothes.

Nida shares that with all the shops closed, she can’t buy new branded clothes for herself. Thus, sadly she has to pick from a pile of last season’s clothes that were lying around in her closet.

As everything is closed nowadays so I can’t wear any designer’s clothes. The clothes I am wearing these days [in shows] are my own. They are someone’s gift, somebody sent me lawn dresses last year and now I am using it. There are so many clothes in my closet and I am taking out all my clothes now,” she said.

She also said that she didn’t know that she is so simple woman. “I don’t waste money on clothes. It just keeps coming out of my closet these days. I didn’t even know it was in my closet. Due to health reasons, I can’t even order clothes online,” she added.

Her definition of simple living has amused us for sure. Where people are dying of hunger and disease, celebrities like Nida Yasir are worried about their first world problems.

Nida Yasir ignored social distancing in her morning show during coronavirus pandemic

Recently, she made headlines when she ignored social distancing in her morning show. She faced social media’s wrath when she held a make-up competition during the coronavirus lockdown.

Aired on 16 March, her show began by acknowledging that during the deadly ongoing pandemic, ‘the government has told everyone to stay far far away from one another yet, even in this situation, they have managed to call beauticians from all over the country to display their craft’.

The episode unfolded as different models and beauticians come in close contact with one another. Maybe Nida thought it’s okay to expose many to a deadly virus since at least one winner is getting an Imtiaz Supermarket cheque and some Kashee’s makeup. Not a bad deal no?

Where celebrities across the world have been giving the message of social distancing and self-isolation, Nida Yasir seems averse to the current situation killing many with each passing day.

The word ‘disappointing’ doesn’t sum it all.

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