Nimra Khan Clears the Air Regarding Drunk Driving Allegations

Nimra Khan Clears the Air Regarding Drunk Driving Allegations


Actress Nimra Khan has faced significant challenges in her life, surviving a near-fatal accident that resulted in a leg injury and a 19-day coma. Despite rumors circulating about her involvement in the accident, including allegations of drunk driving, Nimra has shown great strength and has recovered from the incident, bearing metal rods in her leg.

During an interview, Nimra addressed the allegations of drunk driving, revealing that she underwent an actual sobriety test following the accident, and the results were clear. Nimra firmly stated that she has never consumed alcohol and proudly identifies as a tahajjud guzar. She also took the opportunity to clear up rumors linking her depression to the accident.

Nimra Khan disclosed that the accident happened while she was listening to a song on her phone, causing her to fall asleep at the steering wheel. She stressed that, although there was nothing wrong with facing depression, the incident was entirely spontaneous, and she was not experiencing depression at that moment.

Here are the details she shared:

In the past, Nimra Khan once faced backlash for “disrespecting” her father during “artificial” birthday clicks. Read more about it here

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