Pakistan Defence Command Posted A Video Of Young Girls Dancing In A College And People Lost Their Nerves!


In Pakistan, the reputation of government colleges/schools is not as good as private colleges and schools. The sole reason for it is the resources that include faculty members, classrooms, water facility, sanitation facility, and many others. Pakistan mostly has either all boys and all girls government colleges. Mainly, people in our country do not prefer having their kids attend any government college; and the ones who can afford, send their kids to some esteemed private college.

But the current situation of the government colleges in Pakistan is not that bad! The books are free, there is no fees and the teachers are more active and properly taught in their respective fields.

Pakistan’s image in the western world is actually lensed by all the filmmakers and bloggers which has changed a lot these days due to social media and people, themselves, can explore about Pakistan through the media. Pakistan has not only improved in the matter of quality education but also is the entertainment industry. Our dramas and movies and short films are nominated internationally.

Where we see the country prospering so well, we stumbled upon this tweet from the official Twitter account of Pakistan Defence Command.

Here they have posted a video of a girls’ college where girls are seen dancing and enjoying themselves. This seems to be a musical festival, but looks like the Defence Command is not liking it!

When the other twitteraties saw this tweet; they were legit pissed off!

Indeed, well said!

Double standards of Defence Command?! Eh?

Yes, this is an invasion of one’s privacy! How will Defence Command cope with that?

Well, they didn’t really mention any Islamic reference to it but the question is, would they tweet the same if they find any such video of a boy’s college?

This is wrong on so many levels. First, to post the video without the permission or without mentioning the source of it. Second, to call out this activity wrong.

What do you guys think about this? Have anything to add in the story? Let us know in the comments below! 🙂

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