Here are 7 Easy “Totkas” by Zubaida Apa that you should use in your daily Life Routine


Our nation was introduced to Zubaida Apa back in 1996 when she used to teach us finger-licking recipes on her show Dalda Ka Dastarkhwan. Soon the audience got to know that there’s more to her. She was not only a chef but also a mother figure that knew the solutions to a lot of our daily life problems.

Her treasure box of “totkas”, proved that she was an encyclopedia of answers that we were searching for long. Now that she has left the nation in grief, let’s remember Apa with what she was best at.

1. Lessen the frizziness

Everyone wishes to wake up with the perfect hair without any frizz especially in summers to look stunning all day long. Well, Zubaida Apa saved us from looking a mess by also resolving this issue.

Tip 1#: Apply oil to your hair twice a week

Tip 2#: If you feel your hair is dry and dull, sprinkle a little milk on them and comb. You will see that your hair will become softer

Tip 3# Make a mixture of one egg, 1 tsp olive, coconut or mustard oil and 1-2 tbsp yogurt. Apply the mixture to your hair once a month for half hour. Shampoo.

2.Treating Dark Circles

Dark circles are one of the most common issues that many of us encounter. Therefore, follow the steps to get rid of them.

Mashed potatoes can be used instead of olive oil to get rid of dark circles.

3. Cleaning dull gold jewelry

Jewelry has always been the top 5 best friends of any girl. Having said that Gold jewelry turns dull very easily if it’s being worn almost every day. Thus, use this tip to get it back in shape.

Make a solution of 1 tsp turmeric, 1 tbsp laundering detergent and 1 cup of water. Soak jewelry in this mixture for 10-15 minutes. After that gently rub with an old toothbrush and wash with water. Pat dry with a clean, soft, slightly damp cloth.

4. No dry feet

Having dry feet can get very irritating especially in winters when you have to wear fancy shoes. But don’t worry as you can get soft feet again by doing this procedure.

Heat half a cup of mustard oil and a half teaspoon of bee wax in a pan until the wax melts. A cream like texture will form. Seal this in a jar. Before going to bed, wash your feet and apply the bee wax and mustard oil cream on your feet and wear socks. Following morning wash your feet and massage with moisturizing lotion.

5. Shoo away the crawling insects in cabinets

Crawling insects inside your cabinets are always a reason for embarrassment. Bid farewell to all of them with this easy and quick tip.

Dry Neem leaves in a cool, dry place and place them in cupboards, cabinet and even suitcases to repel insects. Replace the leaves after a few months. Neem leaves help keep insects away.

6. Goodbye oily skin

Do it the natural way and solve it without wasting any more money.

Mix together 2 tbsp egg white, a few drops of lemon juice and olive oil, after cleansing your face apply this mask for 5-7 minutes. Rinse off with water. You can use this mask once a month.

7. Addressing the issue of a migraine

Having this sort of pain can both be frustrating and annoying but now you can treat it with just an egg. Yes, egg it is.

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