Sanam Baloch Gives A “Munh Torh Jawaab” To All Those Who Are Curious About her Divorce


Sanam Baloch Gives A “Munh Torh Jawaab” To All Those Who Are Curious About her Divorce


Sanam Baloch is one of the most versatile celebrities in the industry. She’s an actor and a very good host! She started her career from KTN where her first show was “Sanam Small Room” and she hosted the show very well. After that, she switched to acting and her greatest work include “Noor pur ki rani”, “Daam”, “Dur-e-Shehwar” and how can we forget “Dastan”?

Her recent drama with Sarmad Khosat, “Teri Raza” entails two very good actors and the storyline was eye-opening since she has been hosting morning shows for quite a long time now. And with hosting, she is connected with the audience more closely. Somehow, someone from her fan base noticed that she has changed her name on her social media accounts.

Now she’s Sanam Baloch

Before she was Sanam Abdullah

Don’t care! 💄#sanambaloch #official #exclusive

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After she changed her name to Sanam Baloch Hasbani, another shocking thing was to know that she removed all the photos that she had with her husband. People got suspicious of this activity and thought that maybe things have ended between the couple. But when did this happen and why did this happen? No one knows!

So, to all those who’ve been wondering why Sanam never spoke about her marriage, she made this video!

She said,

“I knew the question about my divorce will be raised and I wanted to answer this as well. No doubt we are a public property and I respect that you guys love me. But I will appreciate it more if you guys will criticize me for work only. If i answer any question regarding my personal life, then many other personal questions will be raised as well which i would not like to answer.”

We totally second her stance over the choice of not letting people know what is going on in her personal life. She has all the right to share it and all the right to keep it a secret. Her marital status doesn’t come in the way of her work.

What do you guys think?

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