Sarwat Gilani Just Made A ‘Naughty’ Comment On Fahad Mirza’s Picture And Pakistanis Are Impressed!


“A naughty naughty, naughty, I’m a naughty naughty guy” is the perfect song lyric to describe this pair, just scratch ‘guy’ and add ‘couple’ and there you have the theme of this entire write-up.

As you may have known Fahad Mirza and Sarwat Gilani are married and are just like any other couple out there that likes to keep it playful, light and well….steamy. How did we conclude that? Their recent double meaning comments on Fahad’s Instagram photo was a clear indication of that. Although Pakistani celebrities keep their private affairs low-key unlike the west, however, these guys decided to step out of it and embrace the perks of marriage quite openly, literally on Fahad’s public account followed by 166K people. Pretty bold of them.

They clearly don’t shy away from PDA (Public Display of Affection) and flirting in front of an audience. Here’s what went down. Prepared to be shocked and amused.


Now don’t come at us, saying it’s only our minds that are dirty. They know what they are up to, haha! But this isn’t just it, Sarwat’s husband actually responded to her comment.

Bravo, Fahad! That was the right answer. Moral brigade coming in 5 4 3 2 1…

This definitely gave us all a good laugh

Well, ‘savage’ is one way to say it. She clearly didn’t hold back to show the world, what’s hers is hers.


Stating the obvious here, aren’t we? Something every married couple that is in a healthy relationship does.

O M G indeed. Sarwat has made our day too, Haha!
Kinda lovely and kinda inappropriate? 

What do you guys think? Was it as funny to you as well or are you with the opinion that it was a bit out of line? They were just talking about an icy delicious popsicle, though. Weren’t they? We wonder if the choo choo train will be fueled with anger this time around as well, considering they are married.

We’d love to know your thoughts on this. Rant away in the comment section!

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