Shan Baig Responds Strongly to Fiza Khawar's Safety Concerns

Shan Baig Responds Strongly to Fiza Khawar’s Safety Concerns


During a lot of noise on social media, actor Shan Baig didn’t hold back when responding to Fiza Khawar’s recent comments about the thought of not enough safe places for women in Pakistan. Fiza, sister to Naimal Khawar Khan, took to Instagram to talk about her concerns about women feeling not safe in public areas.

Fiza’s post shed light on the challenges women encounter in Pakistan, where even a simple stroll in a park can be overshadowed by concerns about harassment and stalking. She questioned why such incidents have become normalized and thought about the current situation for women.

While some agreed with Fiza, acknowledging that Pakistan might not be as safe for women as it should be, actor Shan Baig had a different viewpoint.

Appearing frustrated by what he saw as a broad generalization, Shan left a direct and controversial comment on Fiza’s post. The comment sparked a heated debate among netizens. Some sided with Shan, expressing frustration over what they perceived as a blanket portrayal of all Pakistani men, while others criticized his response, pointing out audacity and expressing skepticism. This exchange has sparked talks again about the problems women face in public spaces and the different opinions on how serious the issue is. As social media is a place for these discussions, it’s not clear yet if this incident will lead to a bigger conversation about making safer spaces for women in Pakistan.

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