This Pakistani Clothing Brand Is In Serious Trouble For Showcasing Their Limited Edition Bags Made With Animal Skin!


In the world of fashion, the slogan ‘the expensive the better’ is nothing new to the riches which certainly creates a bewildering situation for the middle-class or others who are rich but sane enough to spend their money at the right place. These fashion and sports brands which clearly cater to people that are giantly spendthrift and would not think a second after liking something from the brand! After all, it is a “brand” and as the famous phrase goes by “nothing can go wrong with the brand”.

Well, something similar seems to have happened with Élan. It is a very famous fashion brand which recently shared its limited edition collection of bags and clutches. The collection was to be showcased in Lahore and Karachi this week. The limited edition set of bags were named under “SavageCoer” and the brand is already famous for using high- quality snakeskin; python to name one. These exotic clutches were made from from the skin of different reptiles.

As this one is beautifully crafted from “Lizard” skin!!

From the ornate hand-crafted top handle to the chic silhouette, the Globetrotter clutch from Élan’s 'SauvageCoeur'…

Posted by Élan on Friday, June 8, 2018

 And all of these from Python skin!

Add glamour to your ensembles with these stunning clutches from our 'Savauge Coeur' limited edition handbag collection….

Posted by Élan on Friday, June 8, 2018

And these brilliantly colored bags from crocodile skin

Lend a touch of glamour to your after-dark repertoire courtesy of Élan’s Cosmopolitan medium shoulder bag. Crafted in…

Posted by Élan on Friday, June 8, 2018

The artwork of the limited edition bag’s campaign tells a lot about why it is a limited edition

Crafted from premium skins and accented with ornate embellishments, Élan’s limited edition exotic handbag collection…

Posted by Élan on Friday, June 8, 2018

Smooth Izard leather! WOW.

FYI: All these animals used in the making of these “exotic” bags are actually endangered animals. These bags are as expensive as 1.5 lacs. But what about the priceless lives of all the animals used for this luxury?!

Definitely, there are still some sane people left on the planet who confronted the brand for this heinous act! This is for a fact that no innocent animal should be involved in this. But all they are doing is kill the animal species and extract tons of money from it! Something needs to be done. If not now then never.

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