Ahad Raza Mir Just Won the Heart of a 5-year-old Boy and People are Loving It


There is no doubt about the fact that famous Pakistan actor and model, Ahad Raza Mir quickly made his way to everyone’s heart in a very short span of time (can clearly be seen)! With his prolific acting skills and humble personality, Ahad Raza Mir sure has lit up our TV screens and well, eyes as well! *wink wink*. But did you know that he’s the son of famous TV actor, Asif Raza Mir? Well, now you do!

Being the heartthrob he is, just recently, Ahad Raza Mir shared a photo of him with a 10-year-old boy while he was shopping at a local grocery store. The little boy, upon spotting his favorite celebrity at the store, wanted a picture with him, and our heartthrob was humble enough to fulfill the little one’s wish! Such a cute fan moment!

Well, it was indeed a big deal seeing the picture shared on his Instagram account which literally drove his fans crazy and they simply couldn’t contain their excitement! Neither could we!

Here’s  the picture Ahad shared on his Instagram account

Dressed in his school uniform and smiling for a perfect click,  the little one sure seems over-joyed!

Here’s the caption he wrote under the picture and we literally thought it was adorable!

Saw this photo floating around the internet today. I was out doing some groceries and this super cute kid wanted a picture. 10 years from now he’ll look back at it and be like…”Look at that guys stupid hat”

Well, how many of you actually noticed his floral cap? We bet you didn’t (we know why)! HAHA!

Reasons to love him? Well, first his fine acting skills, then his good looks, and now his humble, sweet personality! Way to go! We hope Ahad stays like this forever and may Allah succeed him in all his future endeavors. Good luck, Ahad!

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