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FarwaOctober 23, 2018

The Clearest MRI Of A Pregnant Lady Is Giving Husbands Sleepless Nights!

Pregnancy is a beautiful period of life for a woman and she cherishes every moment of it. The only thing which ...

Soha NaveedOctober 20, 2018

A Woman Without A Duppatta Was Not Allowed to Enter Civil Secretariat and It Has Caused a Debate Nationwide!

What a woman chooses to wear is always a debate in our country. From moral policing to talking about it ...

FarwaOctober 20, 2018

This Pakistani Girl Shares How Her Mother Discussed ‘Periods’ When She Got Them For The First Time

I was busy with my matriculation examination when suddenly I felt that something is wrong with my stomach because I ...

Fatima AfzaalOctober 19, 2018

Here’s How A Regular Checkup Can Prevent You From Breast Cancer

October observes as the month of breast cancer awareness all across the globe. Breast cancer is one of the dangerous ...

Soha NaveedOctober 17, 2018

Top Chef Star Fatima Ali Is Battling Cancer and Her Bravery Is Definitely Something You Should See!

The former Top Chef contestant who has made her mark in the world of food culinary, chef Fatima Ali was ...

Soha NaveedOctober 17, 2018

This Pakistani Girl’s Post on How She Cured her Depression Is Super Inspiring!

Depression is a subject which neglected in a society like ours. Our parents and family believe that the reason for ...

Samra ShahidSeptember 15, 2018

Here’s Why People Need To Stop Taking Infertility As A Curse And Stop Questioning The Couple

Infertility is not a self-proclaimed disease! According to some studies, about 15% of the world’s couples suffer through infertility, which ...

Mahnoor AslamSeptember 13, 2018

This Girl Shares How Claustrophobia Affected Her Life And Her Story Will Shock You

With the emergence of technology and social media, people are now more connected and more aware. Lately, there have been ...

Ammar MirjatSeptember 4, 2018

This Guy Talks About Jinns Who Want Sexual Relations With Humans And It’s Terrifying!

The existence of Djinn is common knowledge. In both our religion and our society, there is plenty of evidence for ...

Maya FareedAugust 29, 2018

This Pakistani Girl Tried 30 Days Of Yoga And Here’s What Happened To Her Body

Being fit in today’s world is very essential. Not just for the outlook but for our own health, it is ...

Ammar SaleemAugust 16, 2018

Mother’s Milk Is A Divine Gift Of Nature And Here’s What You Need To Know

Mother is responsible for the mental and physical growth of his baby from his first day to maturity. A bond ...

Mahnoor AslamAugust 6, 2018

Sonali Bendre Goes Bald And She’s Flaunting It Like A True Fighter

Sonali Bendre’s medical condition was declared to be not so good as she’s been diagnosed with metastatic cancer. This is ...

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