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Mahnoor AslamSeptember 13, 2018

This Girl Shares How Claustrophobia Affected Her Life And Her Story Will Shock You

With the emergence of technology and social media, people are now more connected and more aware. Lately, there have been ...

Ammar MirjatSeptember 4, 2018

This Guy Talks About Jinns Who Want Sexual Relations With Humans And It’s Terrifying!

The existence of Djinn is common knowledge. In both our religion and our society, there is plenty of evidence for ...

Maya FareedAugust 29, 2018

This Pakistani Girl Tried 30 Days Of Yoga And Here’s What Happened To Her Body

Being fit in today’s world is very essential. Not just for the outlook but for our own health, it is ...

Ammar SaleemAugust 16, 2018

Mother’s Milk Is A Divine Gift Of Nature And Here’s What You Need To Know

Mother is responsible for the mental and physical growth of his baby from his first day to maturity. A bond ...

Mahnoor AslamAugust 6, 2018

Sonali Bendre Goes Bald And She’s Flaunting It Like A True Fighter

Sonali Bendre’s medical condition was declared to be not so good as she’s been diagnosed with metastatic cancer. This is ...

Roohi YousufAugust 4, 2018

Aishwariya Rai Shares How She Was Fat-Shamed And WOW, She Stood Strong!

“I think you need to lose some weight?” “Why aren’t you dieting these days?” “She’s so fat. I don’t think ...

Hamna Waseem CheemaAugust 3, 2018

According To Islam, Here Are The Benefits Of Mother’s Milk

When babies are born, they are weak and in dire need of proper nutrition. They need all kinds of vitamins, ...

Soha NaveedJuly 27, 2018

This Female Doctor Shares the Stories She Has Heard In the GYNE and They Are Heartbreaking

The society is not related to where you live; which is probably a posh, educated society. Our society covers the ...

Hamna Waseem CheemaJuly 27, 2018

These Miraculous Hacks Will Save You From Those Painful Period Cramps

The biggest uninvited friend for us girls is our periods. We have been having periods since high school now and ...

Mahnoor AslamJuly 17, 2018

A Menstrual Cup Can Help Transform Every Woman’s Life And Here’s How To Use It

In recent times, when the world is going through the worst time of global warming. People are not the only ones ...

Ghazala AbbasJuly 12, 2018

This New Baby Spa in Islamabad Is Melting Everyone’s Heart!

To all our young mommies out there! We bring you great news for your little ones specially. For the first ...

FarwaJuly 10, 2018

These Symptoms Of Breast Cancer Is What Every Woman Needs To Know About

About 90,000 breast cancer cases reported in Pakistan and over 40,000 died because of it. Dr. Rufina Soomro, a leading ...

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