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Fiza NayyerJuly 20, 2017

Girls, Are You Almost 20? Get Ready to Face all This!

Parents in different countries have their own ways of grooming their children, work on their manners and education, and watch ...

Ayisha RizwanJuly 19, 2017

This Pakistani Shoe Brand Is Being Accused of Copying ‘Zara’

When it comes to shoes every 2 out of 3 girls are Carrie Bradshaw. Well, who doesn’t love a good ...

AnonymousJuly 17, 2017

“It Happened with Me, Too” – Street Harassment in Rawalpindi Still Rampant

It is an unfortunate reality that most women have experienced street harassment at least once in their lives. And many women encounter street ...

Amsa Irfan SiddiqiJuly 17, 2017

Rishta Aunties! “Beauty With Brains” Matters for Marriage, not “Beauty With a Trolley”

“Beauty with brains” used to be the quotidian about marriage back in the past. People used to look for the ...

Nazish KhalilJuly 15, 2017

All I Need Is to Satisfy My Sexual Desire With My Future Husband, Is There Anything Wrong With It?

This year, I visited my Nana’s place and was astonished to find a family suffering from the social boycott. They ...

ZahraJuly 15, 2017

Are You A Body Dysmorphic Disorder Patient? Find Out

I know there have been so many talks about how BDD(body dysmorphic disorder) exists…But how many times have we sat ...

Maham FarhatJuly 15, 2017

Gender Based Violence: A Barrier To Female Progress

The conflict within gender is mostly highlighted through demarcation of responsibilities and accessibility of spaces. The 11 years of martial ...

Mishel ShahidJuly 15, 2017

“Your wife is expecting the second time” – He wanted a son, she wanted a baby girl to raise with pride

“Your wife is expecting the second time” The doctor declared. He was happy because he was expecting another son. But ...

AribaJuly 15, 2017

This Creepy Guy Couldn’t Take His Eyes off of this Girl During the Flight

Believe it or not, living in Pakistan can be a mere hurdle for a girl. Some of you may disagree ...

Ramsha AliJuly 14, 2017

Something Which I Had Never Expected – My Experience at Karachi’s Bolton Market

I have heard of Bolton Market in Karachi for a very long time but never got a chance to visit ...

Habiba FaisalJuly 14, 2017

The Never-Ending Fair Skin Dilemma in Pakistan

Gora Rang 100 Aib Chupae How many times in our lives have we gone through situations where fair skinned people were ...

HudaJuly 12, 2017

My Own Uncle Raped Me but Instead of Punishing Him, My Family Made Me Outcast!

Life is a continuous challenge. Behaviors are being noticed but no one dares to find out the reason behind the ...

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