Dear Girls, DON’T Share ‘Private Photos’ No Matter How Sincere the Guy Is to You!


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There’s a boy in your class that keeps looking at you. You’ve caught him looking at you a billion times. As time passes by, you’re starting to like him as well. You look at him while he’s not looking at you but look away as soon as he tries to steal a glance. This little game goes on for quite a while, now you can’t stop thinking about him. His absence makes you wonder where he’s gone, how he’s doing. It’s been a few days and you haven’t seen him come to class.

2 weeks later, you finally see him in class and your heart jumps with joy. You finally gather up the courage to walk up to him and ask him where he went. Turns out, one question led to another and before you know it, you guys have really good chemistry. This time, he gathers up the courage to come and talk to you and he asks for your number. You hesitate a little but give it anyway.


He texts you “Hey” and you reply back. Few minutes down the road and you’re hitting it off like nobody’s business. Saying good bye becomes hard because you don’t feel like saying it. His texts become your addiction and now you’re starting to feel a bunch of emotions you’ve never really felt before. You text him every day after school now. It’s a part of your daily routine.

One fateful night at 01:00 AM, he tells you he’s feeling something weird. You get concerned and ask “What’s wrong?” He says he can’t tell you because there’s nothing you can do about it. You ask again and insist on helping him. Finally, he tells you that he’s horny and he wants to see you naked. You’re taken back by that text and you try to tell him to sleep it off. He reminds you of your promise and forces you to send it. You tell him it’s wrong and that you can’t do it, it’s morally wrong and you’re not that type of a girl. He assures you that nothing will happen to the nude and that it will stay only with him. After hours of persuasion, you finally give in and send him a nude. He wanks off to it and doesn’t reply back.

Once again, you don’t see him in school the next day. You get worried and call him to ask him where he was. His number’s switched off. After 2 days, you go home, open Facebook only to see your nude circling around the internet, uploaded by the boy you trusted. The first thing you do is call him again and beg him to take it down. He rejects all your calls and doesn’t reply to a single text. By this time, all your friends have seen it, half of them judge you, one-quarter blocks you and a handful defend you. You stay awake all night that night and wonder what will happen next. School turns out to be a nightmare that day, everyone’s looking at you with disgust. Someone goes and shows that Facebook post to the principal. As per the school’s rules and regulations, the principal calls the parents of the girl and show them what’s been happening behind their back.

So, you ask me what is the solution to this? Well, the next time he asks you for nudes, don’t forget to ask him for his! Yes, go for it! It’s time to be smart in dealing with such harassment and beware of falling into a trap like this. It’s okay to be in love or be blindly in love, but let’s just be smart about it? Right? Why would you let a guy blackmail you in the first place?


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