Mansha Pasha Finally Breaks Silence On Sexual Harassment And Clarifies The Confusion On Twitter


Mansha Pasha Finally Breaks Silence On Sexual Harassment And Clarifies The Confusion On Twitter


With an increase in sexual harassment stories all around the world, the beginning of the #MeToo movement has encouraged a lot of people to come forward and speak out for themselves. As it takes a lot of courage to share about their experiences, we salute them!

With the recent Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar’s harassment controversy still in the air, another actress was brought in another sexual harassment controversy.

Recently, Ahmed Pansota, a Barrister was accused of sexual harassment by a woman named Aisha Mansha. Hence having the same name and picture of Mansha Pasha on her display, it was assumed that it was her.

This is what Aisha Mansha tweeted,


As soon as this tweet got viral and people started confusing this women as the actress Mansha Pasha, it caused confusion all over the media, and then the actress immediately tweeted,

‘We must all stand against sexual harassment and empower those who speak up. However, an account used my pic and name to level allegations against a Lawyer creating confusion. Id like to clarify that isnt my account and ive never met in my life’

It is wrong that Mansha Pasha was dragged into this confusion, yet she clarified it and showed her support against sexual harassment, but it also seems like the girl wanted to reach out to more people after using a recognized face. What do you guys think?

However, it also shows how a simple hashtag as “#metoo” has given women the power and courage to step forward out of their not so comfort zone and share their experiences. It is high time that these cases are taken by authorities into account and action is taken, so that such men are accounted for and punished for their actions.

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