This Female Medical Student reveals how she was blackmailed by a Forged Conversation


Evolution of the camera has bid farewell to the concept of holding heavy cameras and saying cheese. Because now is the period of screenshots where everyone carries moment in their pockets. To add a few more final touches, we use editing software which might be very useful, but many fake images are also being made with it which can are commonly used to threaten people. If this, to you, is a lie then let me present you with a recent example of it where a girl was threatened in a similar way.


A medical student from Karachi became a victim of such an incident when she received a message from a stranger on her Facebook profile. It might not have been the first time for her to be receiving such messages as a lot of random people do send irrelevant texts that are either ignored or left unread. But this one came as a mere shock to her because someone was trying to blackmail her by sending her some images along with a message of not blocking the profile and becoming friends with that person. Because if she doesn’t then that person would upload the forged images of the conversation that he/she has made which contained cheap texts.


Here’s what she had to say when she uploaded the screenshot:

I got this msg today. I don’t know which application he has used to make a fake conversation and then he said block nai krna and dosti krogi mjhse warna upload krduga. I am only uploading this because I want to warn other girls that don’t get upset or scared from such people report their accounts immediately and block them. People here know well what is happening around these days. It’s just some other way of blackmailing.

The fake conversation was made in such a way as if the victim was chatting with any of her friends telling them that she is nude at the moment after watching an intimate video sent by her boyfriend. Although, the victim didn’t talk like that and nor did she share any such conversation with any of her folks.

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For the sake of making everyone aware of this serious problem, the girl shared it on her Facebook profile. It has for sure set an example for many out there facing the same issue to not be afraid of any low life people who try to blackmail you in any way. If you are not at fault then don’t ever accept it.

They try building pressure on you so that you eventually agree to their demands but it won’t ever help you to get rid of them. There are many laws made by the FIA for this sort of happenings, so don’t hesitate to inform them and launch your complaint. If you liked this article then like, share and comment down below to give us your feedback.

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