This Makeup Artist Just Gave A Badass Response To All The ‘Aunties’ Who Blatantly Body Shamed Her!


It is usually of an utter surprise when we witness people who are full of positivity and love even being buried in heaps of haters. There are people who are being ridiculed for what they are or what they appear to be. Such as people who are body shamed for being too skinny or too fat! Such are people who often turn suicidal after multiple rejections by society. These people, no matter how good they do, would always be ridiculed for what they look like.

Nabela is one of those girls who was body shamed for a very long time. Nabela is a Bengali but lives in the US. Being raised in a different culture than where she belongs to, Nabela is a beauty vlogger! She has a Youtube channel and is famous for what she does. That was when she decided that she needs to talk about more than just makeup – About Islamophobia and body shaming.

Here’s what she wrote:

“As 2018 begins, I’m leaving behind all of the words that once hurt me – all of the doubt that once controlled me. No one can tell us who we are. We are glorious. We are beautiful. We are worthy. This is me.”

You are beautiful and you are loved!

But what was more shocking when her inter-culture marriage was announced on her Youtube channel!

All she could reply to all the people hating on her was:

 “aunties: no one will marry you if you don’t lose weight!!

me: bet”




And here’s the picture that she posted on July 1st 2018. That’s her! Oh yeeeaaah

The time she posted her photo with her husband people were overwhelmed. It was a beautiful sight to witness people being supportive of her. Her work paid off:

I’m overwhelmed by the love on this post. Feel free to follow me on Instagram for more body positivity, good vibes, and unapologetic self-love.  thank you for supporting me and the truth that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Beauty is not limited to any size and shape

Nabela is one of those people who uses her platform to bring the biases down. The judgments and stereotypes that people have developed without any logic and innocent girls/boys are targeted over them.

She struggled but wouldn’t be okay seeing someone else struggle:

“I’ve made a point to use my platform to not just talk about eyeshadow and lip gloss but to speak about things that are plaguing our community. It’s been scary at times, but then every time I get a message from someone saying that I helped them to be more tolerant or to understand a different point of view, it makes it all worth the struggle.”

May she brings more positivity and love to other people’s lives by her channel and her positivity! That’s some great work that she has done. Kudos girl!

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