Beware! According To Zodiac, Here's What You Might Be Jealous Of And People Can Easily Notice It!


Beware! According To Zodiac, Here’s What You Might Be Jealous Of And People Can Easily Notice It!


Jealousy is an evitable emotion that every one of us experiences at some point in life. Sometimes, it overpowers or shapes us the way we feel about ourselves and the world around us. According to clinical psychologists, people who constantly feel jealous want everyone under their control and overthink everything!

According to astrologers, each Zodiac sign has their own secret jealousy which they don’t want to discuss with their life partner even! So, what one thing makes a Zodiac sign jealous? Read on!

1. Aries – If Aries Isn’t The Winner, He/She’ll Be Jealous Of Whoever Is!

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Fire is the ruling element of Aries that’s why they are more passionate and react overwhelmingly as compared to other Zodiac signs. If someone beats them in a competition, Aries loses their mind and that is the time when they feel envy. Being super competitive, they hate losing and they can’t help it.

2. Taurus – Envy Of Someone Who Has A Lavish Lifestyle

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Yes, they want to have everything in their life. From personal chef to high qualified gym trainer, if they don’t have the kind of lifestyle they wish for they will get jealous!

3. Gemini – Jealous Of Others Perfect Relationships!

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Geminis are the one from Zodiac sign who knows very well how relationship takes excellent communication and time. That’s why from the inside, they feel envious if they see perfect or an ideal couple.

4. Cancer – They Feel Jealous Of Cool People!

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Cancerians experience jealousy quite a bit but have a talent for hiding it. And they envy ‘cool people’ who don’t care about ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ because they want to be above them!

5.  Leo – If Leo Isn’t The Spotlight In The Party, He/She’ll Be Jealous Of It!

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Don’t look at anyone else if Leo is in the room. This is all they want, they will fly into hysterics of jealousy. Leo is the most envious of the signs!

6. Virgo – They Feel Jealous Of ‘Perfectionists’

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Virgos tend to be very critical of themselves that’s why they are perfectionists! And as per science, opposite signs repel always that’s why Virgos don’t like perfectionists!

7. Libra – They Feel Jealous When…

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Libras do gets jealous – it is a rare thing. Libras don’t like confrontation or conflict, so if a Libra is envious, you’d never know why!

8. Scorpio – They Get Jealous Of EVERYTHING!

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Whether they see their ex with someone else or their best friend just talking to a class-fellow, Scorpions are the most envious of the Zodiacs. Well, Scorpions don’t know the art of keeping their feelings to themselves!

9. Sagittarius – They Get Offended Instead Of Being Jealous!

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Sagittarians get upset when they are not considered the ‘best’ or overlooked. This feels like an insult for Sagittarians and then they may envy or just get offended by that person who gets what they want!

10. Capricorn – Envious of  ‘Lazy People’

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Sitting on a couch and doing nothing is all that we wish for on a weekend. But if your partner is a Capricorn, beware that he/she doesn’t like laziness!

11. Aquarius – They Feel jealous Of Others’ Advanced Degrees!

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‘Not’ knowing the answer is the matter of life and death to Aquarius. They get green-eyed of someone who has higher IQ or intelligence level than them!

12. Pisces – They Don’t Ever Get Jealous!

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Pisces is the only the one among Zodiac signs that feels bad about being jealous! Yes, their dual personality doesn’t allow them to do so!

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