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Ayesha Omar & Kiran Malik Share The Reason Behind Divorce High Rate In Media Industry


Celebrities’ divorce rate increased over the past couple of years. We all have seen famous Pakistani celebrities getting divorced and separated in various scenarios.

Recently Ayesha Omar and Kiran Malik made an appearance on Tabish Hashmi’s talk show Hasna Mana Hai and shared their opinions on the increased rate of divorces and short-lived marriages nowadays.

Ayesha Omar & Kiran Malik Share Why Celebrities Divorce Rate High In Media Industry
Source: Express Tribune

They have specifically targeted the media industry and also shared the reasons of failed marriages behind divorce which are a lack of patience, an abundance of awareness, and a communication gap.

Apart from that, they have even shared what kind of men they would want in their lives.

Celebrities Divorce Rate Increased In the Media Industry

The host asked them whether they “believe in the institution of marriage,” given how quickly some marriages have ended recently.

“Of course, I believe in the institution of marriage. It’s a beautiful relationship,” Malik also chipped in on her stance and blamed a lack of patience and tolerance among people.

Ayesha Omar & Kiran Malik Share Why Celebrities Divorce Rate High In Media Industry
Source: Khaleej Times

“Everyone can have their own stories, but I think that people lack patience now and have huge egos. They think they’re perfect and they are right.

So, taali toh dono haathon se bajti haina. (It takes two to make a quarrel)” she said. Malik further added that we can’t get angry about the smallest of things and have to make an effort. “Relationships are one of those bonds where – whether it’s between kids, siblings, partners, parents, or anyone – you need to give them space and respect,” she said.

I Agree With Kiran, Ayesha Omar

Tabish further asked Omar whether she agree with Kiran Malik’s statement or not. “Someone’s hitting me and you’re saying that I should sit with patience now?” Hashmi asked. “There’s more awareness now but I would also slightly agree with Kiran that there is less patience now.

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However, I also believe that there’s more awareness about the (problematic) things that we had normalized earlier saying ‘yeh toh chalta hai.’ Like abuse – ‘ek thappar hee toh mara hai’ is not okay now,” opined Omar.

Malik clarified her statement regarding her lack of patience, she felt that they have taken her words differently. She said, “I was not suggesting that women should endure abuse patiently but merely meant that couples should not give up very quickly because love and relationships require effort and communication.”

Recently Ayesha Omar talked about the abusive relationship she’s been through for the past few years.

Don’t Give Permission to Anyone, Kiran Malik

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“To all the women sitting here, I’ve been married myself too, so please, do not ever permit anyone to speak to you aggressively or inappropriately. Give them the respect that they deserve only. If they’re still doing something that is against your ethics, then that is not right. There’s no space for patience then,” Malik emphasized.

“Patience, I meant, you can’t just say that things aren’t working out. Sometimes you have to sit and talk to each other,” she added, and Omar agreed. “That’s a beautiful thing. You’re right. Communication is key and we often fail to do that.”

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