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Manahil KhanNovember 15, 2017

I Survived! Some Craziest Things I experienced at a 50% off Sale!

Whenever there is a sale at a famous store, we see a crowd of people especially ladies, rushing to buy ...

Humna ShahidAugust 18, 2017

Slay It: Here Is Why You Need to Start Wearing Khussas!

Khussa a desi version of flat pumps. It’s been worn by generations and is a part of our culture and ...

Sheza AshrafAugust 11, 2017

Normalizing Pedophilia with ‘Victoria’s Secret’ Featuring 5-Year-Old Girls

The days of innocence are long gone when children having missing teeth were considered adorable. But now, the era of ...

Areesha BabarAugust 9, 2017

This Famous Pakistani Clothing Brand had Something Unusual on their Website

Online shopping has now become a trend especially for those who want to save time and the hassle of going ...

Alvina SajidJuly 24, 2017

Mehru Nisa – The unsung talent behind Pakistani Arts and Crafts

We all know that Pakistan is a diverse country in terms of different cultures and religions. Not sufficing, the country ...

Soha NaveedJuly 21, 2017

Clothing Brand Sapphire Introduced 50% Off and What Happened Next Wasn’t Surprising At All!

It is always surprising when Pakistanis call themselves “citizens of a poor country”. Just a few days ago, perhaps during ...

Ayisha RizwanJuly 19, 2017

This Pakistani Shoe Brand Is Being Accused of Copying ‘Zara’

When it comes to shoes every 2 out of 3 girls are Carrie Bradshaw. Well, who doesn’t love a good ...

AribaJuly 7, 2017

If Your Wedding Is Near, Are You Worried About These Things?

We can hear the wedding bells ringing and shaadi season is on full swing! With summer at its peak, so ...

AribaJuly 5, 2017

If You’re a Girl With Only ‘Chaar Baal’, Then You’ll Understand These Struggles

Being born and brought up in a Pakistani household brings a lot of totkas and mashwaray while growing up. And ...

AribaJuly 5, 2017

Plastic Surgery or Not – Priyanka Chopra Gets Bashed For Posting a Pouty Selfie on Instagram

Indeed, it takes a lot for a celebrity to look good and maintaining themselves, and sometimes, it also requires them ...

Soha NaveedJuly 4, 2017

Here’s What You Can Do When Everyone Around You Is Either Getting Married Or Having Kids!

There comes a time in your life, that very phase in which you will find yourself in a position you ...

AribaJuly 4, 2017

Beat The Humidity – Our Secret to Taming That Hair Frizz This Monsoon!

There are days when you’re having a good hair day, and there are days when you just wish you could ...

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