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AribaJanuary 1, 2019

Mathira Khan Just Met A Horrible Road Accident And People Still Don’t Feel Bad For Her!

Where the world is celebrating and welcoming the new year, there are people who’re still struggling to deal with their ...

AmbreenDecember 28, 2018

دیامر: اٹھارہ سالہ غزالہ جنس کی تبدیلی کے بعد عبداللہ بن گئی

اللہ تعالی نے ہر انسان کو کسی ایک جنس پر پیدا کیا ہوتا ہے یا پھر مخنس بنایا ہوتا ہے ...

FarwaDecember 27, 2018

According To Islam, Here Are 9 Simple Tips To Increase Your Wealth

Every Muslim believes that Almighty Allah has not created a single soul whose sustenance isn’t decided. He is Razzaq – ...

AmbreenDecember 27, 2018

کیا آپ ان گناہوں سے واقف ہیں جو آپ کی ساری نیکیوں کو جلا کر راکھ کر سکتے ہیں

اسلام ایک متوازن ترین دین ہے اس کے اندر آپ کے ہر عمل کے لیۓ ایک پیمانہ موجود ہے اگر ...

Mahnoor AslamDecember 24, 2018

These Pakistanis Shared A Few Haunted Hostel Stories That Will Definitely Shiver Your Soul!

Every desi kid’s best timepass in their childhood is when all cousins/friends sit together and tell the horror stories that ...

Cogito Ergo SumDecember 17, 2018

My Husband Said: “Thank you, Asmaa” Every time, Even Though I Was Nowhere Close To Being Perfect!

Marriage – a beautiful relation that is now considered a ‘gamble’ in our society. You are considered as the ‘lucky ...

Cogito Ergo SumDecember 17, 2018

This Guy Pretended To Be A Cab Driver In Front Of His Girlfriend’s Father And The Incident Is Absolutely Hilarious!

Being in love is pretty difficult – from having all that personal ‘relationship drama’ (sucks, totally) to dealing with the ...

Cogito Ergo SumDecember 9, 2018

FSP Officer Syeda Fatimee Who Died On Her Honeymoon Was More Than An Inspiration For Pakistani Women!

After the tragic news of a couple who passed away in their sleep in Hunza yesterday, the nation remains heartbroken ...

AribaNovember 29, 2018

Actress Iqra Aziz Just Got Her First Tattoo And Damn… This Looks Like Another Controversy!

Can there ever be a day without a controversy? I guess not. As entertaining our Pakistani celebrities are, each one ...

Jawad MinhasNovember 25, 2018

Famous Turkish DJ Kantik Flew To Lahore And Got Engaged To A Lahori Girl And We’re Absolutely Loving It!

Marriage is a significant social institution, and it lays immense importance in establishing the social institution of a family.  In ...

AlvinaNovember 20, 2018

It’s High Time We Tell Our Children Not To Forget Who The Parent Is

Parenting isn’t an easy job, it just might be the hardest job of all. In today’s world, every parent is ...

Jawad MinhasNovember 15, 2018

In The Light Of Islam, Here’s How A Married Couple Should Live Together

The first relation Allah has made was of husband and wife – Hazrat Adam (AS) and Bibi Hawa (AS). The ...

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