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In this world, wherein many countries’ women are dominating in different fields, making their space, name among men world. Women are the new leaders of the world, if we treat them respectively, let them live their life on their own then they might conquer the world as well.

There are various examples of such women who have changed the entire picture for the rest of the women, who kept their dreams, desires in themselves. In the 21st century where liberalism is rising, in which women are still fighting for their equal rights to fulfill their desires, ambitions. There comes a lady, who’s been inspiring young girls out there, who are keen to pursue their career.

A woman whose life earlier in her career been scattered having some dark nightmares, which took her into the world of depression.

But didn’t live in that cave for too long, with her courage, belief, she fought which lead her in accomplishing her goals and made or say making her way in the world of art. She’s the master in curator, visual art, and also an educator, she’s all in one lady. Her bravery, her attitude is the real essence of her behavior. She’s “Mehreen Hashmi”.

Mehreen Hashmi was born on 23rd August 1985, did her bachelor’s in fine arts from Indus Valley School of art and architecture. In 2017 she founded an institution named “MH Initiatives”, where the main purpose is to collaborate and bring forward Pakistan’s art and artists.

Along with that her work has been exhibited not only domestically but also internationally (which Australia, Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark) and appreciated as well. But before that, there’s something that happened in her life which changed her life entirely, which made her fearless.

Her work tells a different story, a story of a person who’s been bullied, abused, etc. Some might even show, that in this world you are all alone, you have to fight with each scenario strongly. Each portrait, painting, got a unique message for each individual out there, who have faced such situations.

Behind every successful story, there’s the dark hidden story as well, which ties knots towards the success and that behavior inserted into a human body.

As per Mehreen’s, s success story also got some dark nightmare which can make each reader shiver from head to toe the moment they start reading her life story. Mehreen Hashmi no doubts a fearless, brave woman we are having, but what happened, which made her transform herself like this. It’s hard for anyone whether for a man or a woman to come out of such a situation.

As Mehreen stated: “I have been sexually, physically abused for 20 years of her early life, which has caused me severe anxiety disorder for few years and developmental trauma.”  Mehreen Hashmi breaking all the social so-called norms, by becoming the voice for the younger generation out there, where sexual abuse has become so common and it’s hard for them to recover or say survive because such cases create a huge impact on life.

So, being a visual artist, curator Mehreen Hashmi makes strong those people who faced physical abuse, letting them know that they are not alone on this road.

Her exhibitions have been so influencing not only youngsters but elders and journalists as well. She also brings forward young artists through her exhibitions, letting them showcase their artwork in front of the world. Her official Instagram page is filled with her past, recent work where you can see the real creativity of her transforming a real based scenario into colors.

For so-called conservatives, her work might sound vulgar, but for the real art lovers, it’s not taboo, that’s the reality of dark having some colorful moment. Recently she has started her YouTube channel as well, where she letting people how they can recover from such trauma, anxiety, depression, etc.

Mehreen Hashmi is an influencer, inspiration, idol for the people who have suffered or suffering such scenarios. No matter what people label her with various names, but that isn’t stopping her anymore.

She’s on the road journey, where she’s holding each of the individuals’ hands who go through that nightmare and leading them to the path of success. Currently, she’s promoting young artist’s work through different platforms, teaching artistic skills virtually, and spreading the love of art.

You can call her “Curator of Art”

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