Muneeb Butt Finally Gives A Shut Up Call To All The Trolls Who Couldn't Control Their Hate!


Muneeb Butt Finally Gives A Shut Up Call To All The Trolls Who Couldn’t Control Their Hate!


Almost every Pakistani girl who grows up watching all the fat weddings, dreams of the same wedding. In Pakistan, we have a culture of having lavish weddings. And by that, it means having all the events and “rams”. Having some pre-pre-pre shadi events and then post-post shadi events. Also, how can we forget honeymoon? and after the honeymoon, there are some tons of “Dawatein”. If you are a Pakistani, you must have attended any such wedding where you spent thousands of rupees on just clothing for someone else’s wedding. No? Don’t lie!

Well, talking of shadian we have a very famous wedding going on currently. Aiman and Muneeb’s! You can’t miss this wedding at any cost. It’s everywhere. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and people are just having wedding inspo.

This is what Muneeb posted on his Instagram after their nikkah. Offical begum, aee hayye!

But after their series of wedding events people are now bashing them! Like they had a family trip before the wedding then a trip to Dubai. After which they had a low-key dholki at their house and then bridal shower. It was followed by Aiman and Minal’s birthday bash and then they had Mayoon separately of Aiman and Muneeb and Finally Nikkah. But after their nikkah, last night’s mehndi event was making people uncomfortable.

Here’s why!

People think that Aimeeb is doing a major fazul kharchi!


Umm… true friendship?

Maybe a little more?!

And why is that even a problem? His wedding his choice!


Thora ziada nae hogaya?

After some major bashing of people all over the internet! Here’s what Muneeb has to say

Well, he has a very valid point to say. He does not have to lavishily flaunt the money he spends on all the social work he does. He has been working on social causes, and if he is spending on his OWN wedding that shouldn’t bother people. Live and let live. Learn to be happy in other’s happiness. Look at them how happy they both look together!


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