Indians and Pakistanis Are Equally Upset Over Priyanka Chopra’s Quantico Epsiode


Indians and Pakistanis Are Equally Upset Over Priyanka Chopra’s Quantico Epsiode


In 2015, when Bollywood Diva and former Miss World, Priyanka Chopra made her debut in Hollywood, people of her native land not only showered their praises but also encourage Priyanka for making a leap in the Western entertainment industry. For them, it was a memorable moment for India because a few other Indian actresses had this opportunity.

But her appearance in Quantico, American Television Series didn’t make her fans back home happy. In the fifth and last episode of Season 3, Priyanka showed the Indian Nationalists plotting an attack in Manhattan where a peace summit on Kashmir was due, with plans to blame it all on Pakistan.

Priyanka Chopra is playing a character of FBI agent named Alex Parrish, learns that a nuclear explosion is being planned at Manhattan by a professor at Hudson University. During an investigation, Alex finds a ‘rudrakash chain’ on the neck of the terrorists which leads her to conclude that it was a plan by Indian nationalists to frame Pakistan in the nuclear attack. In the end, she, along with her team are the ones trying to stop the professor and save the day. See the controversial scene of the TV series here.

Indians all over the world were outraged at Priyanka for agreeing to such a storyline. Some have given her the title of ‘quasi-ambassador’ of modern India where people are showing the distance from Hindu extremists. Here is how people reacted to Priyanka’s disputable performance in Quantico Season 3.


Some Consider It Disrespectful

Indian Version Of Quantico!

Aik Pakistani Bhai Ka Pegham!

Do You Agree?

Everyone knows about the complicated relations between India and Pakistan, it is predictable that how much this sort of plot can create a fuss. On the other hand, the Indian government is trying to deactivate the influence of Hindu extremist groups but it is not as open as Priyanka’s TV series has shown to the locals which automatically outraged them. We can just hope that Priyanka would justify her stance before this widespread anger takes a shape of the mob of protestors.

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