Sara Razi Khan Was Caught Being Rude To Her Husband On Their Mehndi And Everyone Noticed


Well, there was a time when the wedding was just a season; mostly December and November. Because of the winter vacations and the weather, but now this is no more the case. This year we have seen weddings almost all the year throughout. Plus this year many of the famous celebrities got married. Feroze Khan and Aisa Khan being the topmost in Pakistan while Sonam Kapoor and Neha Dhupia in India. All these weddings were goals planned to perfection and what not!

Sara Razi Khan who started her career as a child actress is now married. People couldn’t believe their eyes when a few days back her wedding festivities started. As many were accustomed seeing her as a child, so looking at her as a bride was surprising yet overwhelming.

The simple mayoon bride; getting prepped for her big day

WOAH WOAH!!!! MashaAllah

Ary wah! The dance she did is just AHMAZIN’

But wait, oh well! Ummm.. okay

This video of the bride and groom on their mehndi whilst their photoshoot just went viral! Sara was caught being rude to the groom, which many find rude and many find it cute!


Source: Instagram

With 40 others

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Ch ch

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Umm… now you are being rude

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Bilkul bhae!

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That’s her Nikkah photo, and she’s looking gorgeous

Arryy wah the wedding bride *heart eyes*

MashAllah MashAllah <3

May the couple stay blessed and happy. May they see good days ahead in the new life they are going to start. Sending all the blessings and duas the couple’s way!

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