Here’s What You Can Do When Everyone Around You Is Either Getting Married Or Having Kids!


There comes a time in your life, that very phase in which you will find yourself in a position you never pictured yourself in. You will feel worthless – believe me, it happens and you know what? It is normal. You will feel that during this phase, your life has no meaning and you are doing something wrong.

People around you will be tying the knot and having babies, whereas you’ll be on the other side of the screen, liking their pictures and wishing them all the best for their future. Worst of all, there is this constant pressure from your loved ones who wish to see you in the same picture frame as of those who are settling down with someone who they call their ‘better half’.

But you know what?

All of this is normal.

To feel that everyone’s achieving this one goal in life and you are not, it is normal. Everyone wants to be loved, it is natural. But see the bigger picture.

Due to whatever reason you are facing a delay in the Holy union of marriage, there are a number of things you can do in the meantime. By no means does this piece of writing advice the readers to delay their marriage – it insinuates towards finding the ideal choice for yourself till the right time and the right option comes for you.

1. Build Your Career

It’s the 21st century, ladies and gentlemen. The economy requires both partners to make a living for themselves if they wish to enjoy their lives together. Unless you belong to the highest paying class of Pakistan (sorry to burst your bubble), you need to do something on your own. While the society may discard the idea of women working, it is essential for a lady to make something out of her education instead of holding her at home while waiting for a “better rishta”.

Encourage girls to work so they may be prepared for whatever hardships they could face in their lives.

2. Build/Work on Your Relationship with your Love Interest

If you are already considering to settle down with someone, but due to any conditions tying the knot seems out of the picture, for now, focus on building a relationship with them. Given the age we are in right now, it is time to settle. Gone are the days when messing around was a ‘fun thing’ to do. This is the age which shows how serious you are towards your life and the choices you make.

Invest yourself in someone’s life who does the same with you. For if marriage is not in the frame for you, work on knowing each other better. The right time will come.

3. Continue Getting Further Education

Knowledge is power and what other way is there to increase your knowledge than to gain the further education? Ask me, I believe everything we do in our life adds fruitful experience which shapes us and accounts for better understanding for the circumstances around us.

If you are motivated to gain more out of your career, gaining additional or further education is always a good idea.

4. Meet Your Old and New Friends Often

Live the old experiences of your life, for they make you who you are today. Cherish new moments with new people. Learn what’s happening around you. Enjoy what your life out of all the stress the society may force on you.

5. Do that One Hobby you Always Wanted

Learn a musical instrument, start reading more books, learn something new such as cooking and what not. True, all of this may not give you that mental peace you are looking for amidst all the pressure of the society, but it will surely give you something new to conquer, something new to ace.

Allah has everything planned for us – the right time will come. Have faith in Him and work on yourself.



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