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AnonymousNovember 15, 2018

مرد کی کمزوری کی ایسی داستاں جس کا خمیازہ ایک معصوم عورت کو بھگتنا پڑا

مجھ سے ایسا گناہ سر زد ہو چکا ہے جس ک بارے میں میں جتنا بھی سوچتا ہوں اتنا ہی ...

AnonymousNovember 13, 2018

میرے والدین اگر مجھے پسند کی شادی کرنے دیتے تو شائد میرے ساتھ ایسا نہ ہوتا

میں اس معاشرے کا حصہ ہوں جہاں کے ماں باپ خود کو اولاد کا مالک سمجھتے ہیں اور بیٹیوں کے ...

AnonymousOctober 31, 2018

This Girl Shares An Inappropriate Incident That Took Place In Northern Areas And It Is Too Much!

To describe the characteristics of a Pakistani woman, we have several myths and stereotypical thoughts like they are weak, they are hesitant ...

AnonymousOctober 6, 2018

A Woman From Islamabad Exposes The Level Of Tharak In Men And How She Was Harrassed!

Unwanted comments, gestures, honking, wolf-whistling, catcalling, exposure, following, and touching by strangers include in street harassment which is a form of sexual ...

AnonymousSeptember 19, 2018

This Pakistani Girl Explains How Women Are Taught To Keep Their Mouths Shut In Our Society

When my mother went for her ultrasound while she was pregnant with my elder sister, the lady doctor pretended that ...

AnonymousSeptember 12, 2018

After Being Physically Abused, This Girl Has A Message For All The Parents Out There

My story is a request for all the parents. I was very young when I started getting molested by my ...

AnonymousJune 25, 2018

“I started torturing my child in order to make my husband hate me” – This Girl Narrates How Her Mother Ruined Both Her Marriages

I had always seen my mom getting scold on meaningless things, I used to see my father being vulgar to ...

AnonymousJune 5, 2018

An Unhappy Pakistani Husband Reveals The Truth About Family Politics And He’s So Right About Everything!

The politics that everyone suffers from, everyone experience but yet no one talks about is called ‘Family Politics’. This kind ...

AnonymousMay 28, 2018

This Girl From Islamabad Shares Nauseating Story of How The Examiner Touched Her Inappropriately

We are students of Bahria College Islamabad; a very reputable institute in Islamabad where getting an admission is a very ...

AnonymousApril 7, 2018

“I can fix your bad marks but you will have to…” -This Unbelievable Story Shares How A Girl Got Into A Very Tricky Situation

After completing intermediate, everyone tries level best to get into a well-known university and I am the lucky one to ...

AnonymousMarch 27, 2018

This Guy Shares Heartbreaking Details of His Two Failed Marriages and How He was Left Stranded Every Time

In this society, it is very difficult to comprehend that as a man, you also get hurt, by someone you ...

AnonymousMarch 13, 2018

“I began suffering mental torture right after 15 days into our marriage” – Story of a Girl Who Was Divorced for No Reason

I was a regular, well-educated girl, brought up watching Disney fairytales and SRK’s “Kuch Kuch hota hai”. It was an ...

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