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Dr. Urooj ShahJuly 31, 2017

Watch out for the ‘Rishta Brigade’ – They’re Coming for You!

This article goes out to the every Pakistani girl who has ever been victimized by the “Rishta Brigades” in their ...

AribaJuly 31, 2017

Girls, are You Getting Your Rights? Here’s what You Need to Know about the Nikaah Nama

In a world dominated by men, many Muslim women fail to understand that a nikaah nama protects the women in ...

AribaJuly 28, 2017

You’re Doing It Wrong: Here are 10 Steps on How You Can be the Perfect ‘Bahu’

Finding the perfect bahu is no less than a marathon in Pakistan. It can take years to find the perfect ...

AribaJuly 25, 2017

This Guy Left Everything to Make His Relationship Halal with His 4th Grade Crush

They say miracles do happen and you just have to get closer to God to experience a miracle even in ...

Soha NaveedJuly 24, 2017

Holding the Quran over the Bride’s Head on Her Marriage – What Does Islam Say About It?

When it comes to the traditions practiced in the Muslim society, there are many which contradict to what the religion ...

AribaJuly 24, 2017

Rida Shah Depicts Forced Marriages In the Most Powerful Way

Rida Shah is a Pakistani photographer based in Islamabad. She is a photo manipulation artist who has depicted multiple social ...

AribaJuly 18, 2017

Back from Your Honeymoon? Brace Yourself for these Questions People Will Ask!

A honeymoon is something which most couples choose not to ignore. A little getaway right after the wedding is usually ...

Soha NaveedJuly 10, 2017

These Pakistani Ladies Created the Desi Version of the Song Closer and It Seems So Apt!

Every once in a while, we hear stories of how Pakistani women are kept on a trial – the trial that ...

AribaJuly 7, 2017

If Your Wedding Is Near, Are You Worried About These Things?

We can hear the wedding bells ringing and shaadi season is on full swing! With summer at its peak, so ...

AribaJuly 4, 2017

#ShaadiSeason: Brace Yourself for All the Pakaao Aunties If You’re Still Single

It is the shaadi season and we now have invites for back to back shaadis. Right? It’s all pretty and ...

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