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AribaSeptember 29, 2017

Pakistani Fashion Designer, Zainab Chottani, Stuns Everyone In India with her Amazing Work

The Couture Wedding Affair is touted as the biggest, eagerly awaited and the most luxurious wedding exhibition in Dubai. The ...

AribaSeptember 28, 2017

6 Zodiacs that Make the Most Incredible Wives

Every guy out there idealizes marrying the perfect woman who’d also turn out to be the perfect wife the moment ...

AribaSeptember 26, 2017

It’s ‘Cruelty’ to Separate a Married Man from Parents but rather a ‘Tradition’ when it comes to Women

In a society where a few women are still struggling to get equal rights as men, nowadays, a girl is ...

Halima AsadSeptember 25, 2017

Here’s Why You Need To Hire This 18-Year-Old Female Portrait Photographer, Izzah

The participation of women in photography goes back to the very origins of the process. Several of the earliest women photographers, most ...

Sarah Pearl BurhanSeptember 18, 2017

Here’s how Long-distance Relationships are when you’re Married

Even after you’ve married your one and only, the struggles don’t end. There’s going to be plenty of moments when ...

AribaSeptember 16, 2017

Dear Husband, here are your Duties towards your Pregnant Wife In the Light of Islam

The most beautiful thing that could ever happen to a married couple is to be blessed with the news of ...

Sarah Pearl BurhanSeptember 9, 2017

Here’s What a Pakistani Mother Feels after Her Daughter Gets Married

The relationship between a mother and daughter is sacred d and unbreakable, for it is created by Allah. The lifetime ...

Sheza AshrafSeptember 7, 2017

Here’s the Biggest Reason Why Women Are Becoming the “Ultimate Rant Queens”?

Women are hard to understand because you know we are like a volcano that will explode and then be calm ...

Sheza AshrafAugust 31, 2017

Nimra Khan’s Engagement and Travel Game Is Just too Strong!

It is a dilemma of the media industries around the world that not every actor or actress is multi-talented. If ...

Sheza AshrafAugust 29, 2017

Slaying It! Arij Fatyma Looks Drop-Dead Gorgeous on Her Wedding!

Being very honest, simplicity is what we lack in the industries around the globe. Expensive clothes, tons and tons of ...

Sarah Pearl BurhanAugust 25, 2017

Watta Satta Marriage – Here’s Everything You Should Know

In case you’re living underneath a rock and you have no idea what watta satta marriages are or what they ...

Soha NaveedAugust 24, 2017

This Pakistani Woman Made a Board Game About Arranged Marriages Based on her Experience!

There are many families in this modern 21st century who still reject the idea of newer generations going for love ...

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