Nadia Hussain Exposes This Producer For Taking Wrongful Advantage of Models


Nadia Hussain Exposes This Producer For Taking Wrongful Advantage of Models


Modeling is often considered a “bad” profession to choose. We don’t hear every day a young girl telling her dream to be a model in Pakistan. It is a notorious profession in for any Pakistani basic family, but many girls in the industry have now changed the face of this very school of thought.

Many women who are successful models and happily married wives and mothers too. Mehreen Syed and Nadia Hussain are perfect examples of successful models with great married life.

The reason this profession is considered bad is due to major scams into which many girls get trapped. Nadia Hussain caught one of the scammers and talked it out in public.

This is what she said:

“If ANYONE ever contacts any new models with my name claiming that I am also part of that show, then PLEASE feel free to contact me directly on Facebook to confirm!!!! I AM NOT PART OF THIS SHOW IN LAHORE FALETTIS ON SEPT 18-19, 2018.”

She posted a screenshot of a scammer and asked all the girls to ask her personally if someone has mentioned her involvement in any of the events. Otherwise, don’t get trapped in such situations where it is all lie and nothing else.

Nadia is said to be a very supportive lead model in the industry when it comes to helping other models

It is great to see these models boasting each other. But avoiding such scams is a very hard task. Let’s see if the said producer will face any consequences or not.

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