This Video of Young Cadet Girls Meeting their Parents for the First Time Will Make You Really Emotional!


This Video of Young Cadet Girls Meeting their Parents for the First Time Will Make You Really Emotional!


Seeing kids grow to fulfill their dreams is beautiful for the parents to witness. The small human that comes to life crying and learning to walk holding the hands of their parents, and then taking the responsibility of their parents, bring tears to the eyes. These kids go an extra mile for their parents with to make them the happiest. They, too, want to see the shine of pride in the eyes of their parents.

These little cadet girls met their parents after their first entry into the college. The meeting was captured in photos by the college and it is the most beautiful thing you’ll witness today. The tears in the eyes of parents and the proud smiles on the girls’ faces in the video are truly very emotional. Try not to cry! *wipes tears* ;’)

Here’s the compilation of the photos from the meeting

2nd Entry cadets' first meeting with parents. A priceless display of emotions by the parents for their daughters while seeing their daughters as the 'Daughters of the Soil' in khaki uniform for the first time. Cadets saluting their parents with sparkling dreams in their eyes and gratitude for having faith in their abilities and considering them no less than sons.

Posted by Pak Army Soldiers on Monday, May 28, 2018

This video also raises another point on how people send their daughters to be a cadet. It’s not something that is very common in our culture to let our daughters choose a profession in the military. It’s a brave move from the parent’s side and from the daughter’s side. Being a cadet is challenging physically and mentally, knowing the fact that it is going to be tough but these girls chose to be the tougher one.

We are proud to have such families who let their daughters grow in a world where the very gender is belittled. With more women in such brave profession, it portrays a greater image for girls. We hope these girls grow to be proud daughters of the nation. We wish them luck, strength, and power to be braver. Kudos to you!

Do you guys know any girl who is a cadet? Tag her! Let her know that she makes you proud and happy. Cheers! 🙂

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