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Dr Ariba KhanJuly 24, 2017

Depression Is Curable, Help Your Loved Ones In Identifying It

Mental health is as essential as physical health. It is very important to understand that like fever, flu, allergies, diabetes, ...

Harmeen RathoreJuly 24, 2017

An Open Letter To All The Girls And Boys Who Get Physically Attached Before Nikkah

Yes, he killed her !!!! But wait… No ! No ! No ! Angels didn’t carry her soul to the ...

Alvina SajidJuly 24, 2017

Mehru Nisa – The unsung talent behind Pakistani Arts and Crafts

We all know that Pakistan is a diverse country in terms of different cultures and religions. Not sufficing, the country ...

Kaarvan Crafts FoundationJuly 21, 2017

Kaarvan Crafts Foundation – A Lahore Based Organization Which Is Providing Shelter to the Underprivileged Women

Children are a blessing of God, but some people think they have the right to question His kindness or the ...

Aamir ShahJuly 21, 2017

This Photographer Uploaded a Photo of a Dark Skinned Model and Pakistanis are Not Happy With It

Last week, a fashion photographer from Lahore named Alee Hassan uploaded a photo of a female model painted black with ...

ShanzeJuly 21, 2017

An Open Letter to the VC of Engineering University Who Kicked Me Out Because of Low Marks In First Semester

I’d been inducted in a prestigious institution for 6 months when I was just 17. After scoring 92% in matric ...

Maria MirzaJuly 21, 2017

Meet The Duo – Pakistani Twin Sisters Who are Traveling the World All Alone

Blogging, a common profession in some parts of the world, is relatively new in Pakistan. Travel blogging is even rarer. ...

Ramsha ZiaJuly 20, 2017

Here Are The Types Of Nincompoops You Meet On LinkedIn

Are you also one of those ladies whose inbox is mostly landed with flattering flirtations from strangers? Well, then you ...

Fiza NayyerJuly 20, 2017

Girls, Are You Almost 20? Get Ready to Face all This!

Parents in different countries have their own ways of grooming their children, work on their manners and education, and watch ...

Ayisha RizwanJuly 19, 2017

This Pakistani Shoe Brand Is Being Accused of Copying ‘Zara’

When it comes to shoes every 2 out of 3 girls are Carrie Bradshaw. Well, who doesn’t love a good ...

Mirza Hashaam Ahmed BaigJuly 19, 2017

Saving Face, 2016: Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team

Sharmeen Chinoy’s Oscar winning documentary, Saving Face, is a tale of the ordeal that women at times have to go ...

AnonymousJuly 17, 2017

“It Happened with Me, Too” – Street Harassment in Rawalpindi Still Rampant

It is an unfortunate reality that most women have experienced street harassment at least once in their lives. And many women encounter street ...

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