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Sidra Nasir2 months

This Girl’s Incredible Life Story is Inspiring for all the Pakistani Women Out there!

I am the first born child of my parents. I was raised in a middle-class family by a self-made man ...

Arijah Siddiqui2 months

My Struggles have made me who I am today and I Owe it all to…

Being a girl, I have to respect the values and culture of my Pakistani society. But, none can compromise with ...

Raina Khan2 months

Raina Khan – This 16-year-old Girl Is Breaking all the Stereotypical Barriers

It is true that the empowered, empower. So why can’t we root each other and watch one another grow? My ...

Alishba Syed2 months

Never Give Up – This Inspiring Story of a Brother-Sister Duo will Bring Tears to Your Eyes

Life always gives you two choices: to accept the reality as it is or to accept the responsibility of changing this ...

Myeda Jawwad3 months

Is this True that Parents Want Their Children to be “Dependent” on Them?

As parents, we make decisions for our kids on a daily basis from what they wear, eat, act and sometimes, ...

Ariba3 months

This Tweet by Malala Yousafzai Is So Powerful that the Whole World Is Congratulating Her!

Inspiration to many, 20-year-old Malala Yousafzai is the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate. Five years ago, she was shot in the ...

Ayesha Uzair5 months

Why Does Pakistani Society Still Consider Girls’ Education A Taboo?

In our society, I have seen 3 major types of approaches towards educating women: One sector (which is the majority, ...

Sheza Ashraf5 months

Beauty with Brains: Mawra Hocane Concluded this Year by Getting 3 Merits In Her LLB Exams

  In our media industry, a majority of the times, the actresses are praised for being beautiful and their intelligence ...

Sumaica Asad5 months

Breaking Stereotypes – How My Saas Supports My Education!

Unfortunately, we live in a society which portrays the relationship of ‘Saas Bahu’ as faulty. Listening to the endless stories ...

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