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Muhammad AdnanAugust 3, 2018

Aminah Sheikh Stuns Us All By Being Appointed As A Global Ambassador For ‘PAGE’

On August 1st, PAGE announced Aminah Sheikh as its global ambassador for girls’ education, the renowned actress, recognized for her ...

sarmadaliJuly 3, 2018

Incredible Story of Fizzah Khan Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

We’re living in the 21st century, but still there are many girls who are deprived of their basic right and unfortunately, ...

FarwaJune 22, 2018

Beti Parhay Gi Toh Agay Barhay Gi: Here’s The Campaign Everyone Is Talking About!

Education is key to growth, sustainability and a stepping ladder toward the road to success and empowerment, it is a ...

Sana MajeedJune 7, 2018

Women Empowerment And Higher Education In Pakistan

Pakistan is a country faced with a plethora of problems; corruption, a defunct education system, lawlessness, terrorism, abuse of the ...

Soha NaveedMay 28, 2018

This Girl Talks About How Being A Highly Educated Female In Our Society Is Treated as a Threat

In a society like ours, people never take pride when a woman chooses to study higher. Implications such as, “Shaadi ...

AnonymousMay 28, 2018

This Girl From Islamabad Shares Nauseating Story of How The Examiner Touched Her Inappropriately

We are students of Bahria College Islamabad; a very reputable institute in Islamabad where getting an admission is a very ...

Amnah UmairMay 10, 2018

This Girl Has Come Up With a Great Plan and You Will Feel Nothing but Proud of Her!

I would like to share my story with you regarding my ‘slums to school’ education program. Please take out few ...

AnonymousApril 7, 2018

“I can fix your bad marks but you will have to…” -This Unbelievable Story Shares How A Girl Got Into A Very Tricky Situation

After completing intermediate, everyone tries level best to get into a well-known university and I am the lucky one to ...

Mehreen FatimaFebruary 3, 2018

Here’s why Everyone is a Modern Age Slave Nowadays

The video, in 12 seconds perfectly describes what it’s like to be a student who works his a** off just ...

Maryam MallhiJanuary 29, 2018

An Answer To All Those Asking Me, “Why Did You Choose Psychology Over Science?”

“You’re smart, and you have decent grades, you can apply to a good college. Why study Psychology?” “Oh! If you ...

Sidra NasirNovember 30, 2017

This Girl’s Incredible Life Story is Inspiring for all the Pakistani Women Out there!

I am the first born child of my parents. I was raised in a middle-class family by a self-made man ...

Arijah SiddiquiNovember 28, 2017

My Struggles have made me who I am today and I Owe it all to…

Being a girl, I have to respect the values and culture of my Pakistani society. But, none can compromise with ...

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