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Basmah Asif2 months

Here’s how our Society has made it Impossible for some Girls to get Married

Growing up in a society where ‘what will others say’ and ‘others don’t matter’ has been quite a contrast. Don’t ...

Tuba Faizan2 months

“The first time I read my divorce papers, I cried like crazy”

Dear Diary, As fresh tears welled up, I rubbed my eyes with the back of my palm instead of letting ...

Myeda Jawwad3 months

My Husband and I decided not to have Kids Right after Marriage But Then…

I live in Pakistan and it’s been three years to my marriage. We didn’t get pregnant because my husband and ...

Aqsa Akbar Chaudhury3 months

I wasn’t Harassed for My Attire, I was Harassed because this Society is full of Sociopaths

“I failed to make his face, but I saw those hands creeping up to me and those eyes that are ...

Shadab Sharif4 months

Dear Relatives, You Should Stop Worrying About My Marriage, Here’s Why…

If you’re a female in your late 20’s; you’ve probably heard this dialogue several times. It wouldn’t even be too ...

Urooj Gulamani4 months

Why is the Birth of a Girl in Pakistan Still Considered a Taboo?

Without a doubt, children are an immense blessing from the Almighty for the blessed couples and in return, they should ...

Navera Burki4 months

Domestic Violence Against Women – Why Should it Matter to All of Us?

It’s ironic how the Pakistani people, known for their hospitality, can be so ignorant about the domestic problems faced by ...

Aneeqa Abid4 months

Feminism also Means Women Supporting the Rights of Other Women

What is feminism? Is it just supporting equality of women rights? Is it just raising slogans against the exploitation of ...

Spugmai Ali Khattak4 months

Here’s how the Society Turned Fouzia Batool into Qandeel Baloch

The trending drama serial “Baaghi” portrays an aspect of struggles of a women’s life in the prevailing society. Fouzia Batool ...

Myeda Jawwad4 months

Dear Typical Aunties, Leave a Pregnant Woman Alone!

Pregnancy – a worldwide celebrated time period of a woman life, even in the past times, it was celebrated in ...

Hiba Iqbal5 months

Dear Society, Please Stop Insulting Me Because Of My Skin Color!

“Larki Khoobsurat Honi Chahye” A statement heard by almost every single girl of our society who is suffering from a ...

Fawad Khan5 months

Dowry Seekers: Respected Beggars of Society, Here’s What I Want You To Know…

Customs and rituals exist in every society but with time few have turned cruel and difficult to be followed. In ...

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